New law says no smoking in your own home

Jul 2007
New Orleans
UNFREAKINBELIEVEABLE!! I would like to say only in California but who knows where this insanity will stop. If I owned a condo there they would just have to come and arrest me.
Sep 2007
In my Mack truck somewhere in a Chicago suburb smo
I cannot begin to explain the depth of anger (i keep in check not a hatchet not :twisted: ) that i feel from the scary fact that someone else is telling me what i can or can not put in my body....whos business is it...if im not hurting or bothering or disrupting someone else's life or safety....i do what i want, when i want, how i want, and as often as i want....but for someone to have the audacity to tell me what's best for me....
:censored: :screw:

:roll: maybe im overreacting....
Apr 2006
on the grass
in your own home none the less... but again, this thread isnt for debate.

this thread is for "this more or less sucks for us all"
Apr 2005
Machias Maine
We are falling down the slope so fast now that if the libs get into the white house I fear the sliding will break the sound barrier. Although I am sure they will keep it just under as breaking it would make to much noise.
Dec 2006
I can't believe that there are actually "Smoke Free Housing Advocates" running around out there. Aren't there more important things to do than being the neighborhood Gladys Kravitz?
Nov 2005
The Matrix?
This IS, afterall, California. I remember seeing a bunch of this on the news for other multi-units as well. I need to get out of this state!
Dec 2006
I hear you Brother, I believe Connecticut is the California of the East Coast. The town near me, Wallingford, just passed a law that you can not smoke at any ballfields, hiking trails etc. These are outdoor places! Crazy!
Oct 2012
It's coming everywhere and it's just a question of how far it will go. Personally, I think we would be better off banning the burning of coal.
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