New smoker looking for natural flavored cigars

Aug 2005
As the subject line indicates, I'm not to smoking all together and enjoying smoking cigars. However, I'm kind've turned off by some of the strong flavors. I'm just looking for something that's flavorless or just tastes like tabacoo and nothing else. But I'd like something expensive that's tightly packed. Any suggestions? Right now I'm smoking a cigar brand called "Spirit of Cuba", but looking for something better.
Jun 2005
Erie PA
flavorless? Taste is what cigars are all about. But if you want somthing mild try Onyx Vintage '97 or Cohiba Robusto Fino they are both mild-medium. Good is a relitive term what I like may differ from what you like. I like very full complex smokes i.e diploma, Montecristo xanadu, etc

hope this helps and welcome to the forum

If you realy want flavorless try the "M" word


Nov 2003
Paradise CA
i cant understand why your having a hard time finding cigars that just taste like tobaco. what do you think tobaco tastes like? different crops from different regions taste very different but still taste like tobaco. and what do you mean rolled tightly?
Aug 2005
Boston, MA
Some of my favorite nice mild cigars:
standard Ashton
CAO Italia
Rocky Patel

Give one of 'em a try, they're fantastic.
Jan 2005
If you are looking for womething gentle try the 5 vegas gold or the sol cubano connecticut. If you want to take the flavor up a notch, try cao gold or cusano 18
Aug 2005
Armpit of the world....Al Asad, Iraq
Something mild but not flavored...

Natural by Drew Estates has a nice mild cigar that has a mild, natural sweetness to it. Don't get me wrong, it's not flavored.
You could also try the CAO Gold or anything by Ashton or Dunhill.