New to Forum

May 10, 2018
New Jersey
Hi All:

Just joined the forum. Not new to cigars - was hoping for some guidance on humidors. I have a large box with three shelf - front glass door, a small draw on the bottom for humidification (removed) an oasis Magna 2.0 with smart humidor (so i can torture myself on my smartphone). The problem - I can keep the temp down. I've tried putting ice bags (2) in the bottom of the humidor (where i removed the draw) and it does nothing or very little. Aside from moving the box down to the basement - I don't know what else to do. I saw an article a while ago about someone who constructed a peltier cooler but I cannot seem to find it anymore. I really would like to hear from anyone who has some experience with that type of cooling device - or frankly - anyone with suggestions.




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