Newbie questions

Jan 2005
Mountain Top, PA
We grind our coffee but would like to get into roasting it and would appreciate some advice.

Naturally my first question is as to what roaster we should look at. We usually make a 10 cup pot every morning so it should have at least that capacity.

Any web site would be appreciated but especially the model.
I have read where some people recommend a 24 hour wait time after roasting and before grinding. True or not?

The one roaster I see mentioned the most (I Roast 2) seems to be unavailable anymore.
Any and all advice will be appreciated and also recommendations for a good supplier and bean recommendations.
Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
I'm sorry this went so long without any reply, although I was hoping one of the experts from the other forum I hang at, some of whom also have memberships here, might look in.

Unlike my experience with a wide variety of coffees from all across the world, buying fresh roasted and hand grinding my own beans, I am unfortunately a complete novice when it comes to roasting. Some of the most knowledgeable people that can be found in that realm are at HCF (Habano Cigar Forum), so anyone interested might wish to look in there.

Looking forward to seeing what anyone here making forays in to the world of home roasting might have in the way of experience to pass along as time goes on.
Jan 2005
Mountain Top, PA
Wonderful, Bearcat, that is where I went too.. On my second 10 lbs now and I think I got it right. I notice many beans have different roasting times so I keep a log on them. Also, some have a lot of chaff and one pound had very little.

Longest roast on one particular bean is 4 3/4 minutes.

I can't believe how different the coffee tastes. It is not bitter as many store bought beans are. We do use/grind slightly more for each brew but it's not a problem since the beans are much cheaper and as I said it is not bitter or strong at all.

My girl said it was a very good decision to try roasting them ourselves and well worth the inital investment.
Aug 2005
When I first roasted beans I was surprised how much better and fresher the coffe tasted. It's well worth doing.