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Sep 27, 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
head here, and believe me, it's quite a head. I don't know what my hat size is, but back in Junior High School, on Manhattan's Lower East Side, we used to snap on people's heads, mothers, shoes, pants, you name it. A friend of mine at that time once called me an Anvil Head, and well over three decades later, I'd have to say he was quite correct.

Anyway, this isn't about HEADS, BLOOF, IT'S ABOUT COFFEE, SO GET TO IT!!! roared the 56,178 rabid fans in Aged Sumatran Stadium.

Okay, okay, sheesh, I guess no one appreciates Vaudeville anymore, or maybe the string has run out on dumb blondes running off at the mouth, errrrr, keyboard, but here goes:

Jamaican Blue Mountain - You will pay around $38-40 a pound for the real thing, and any beans of quality. I've seen lower prices around on the net, but I question the quality of the beans. Don't believe anything less than $30-32 a pound. A lot of people in this world are scamming. It used to be my favorite, but the distinct flavor and slightly euphoric head seems to be absent from the little I've had over the past five years or so. Every time I read something about this once great and world renowned coffee's downfall, it's continually blamed on 1988's Hurricane Gilbert. Hard to believe that 16 years later that's still the culprit. Don't know if I'll buy it again.

Hawaiian Kona - Again if you are paying less than $25-30 a pound, you are NOT getting the real thing, unless you know some guy in Hawaii named Big Kahuna Tuna. Wonderful coffee, great head, smooth flavor, just wish it was less expensive. Green Mountain Coffee Roaster's specially grown organic version known as Kona Mountain Estate, after a rocky start and disappearance back in the 90's, is now a solidly established and great tasting version of this classic and also world renowned coffee.

La Minita Tarrazu - This Costa Rican gem of a coffee is not only one of my favorites, but objectively speaking, I might just say it's the world's best. Then again, perhaps I have the palate of a billy goat. :D :D :D

Colombian Supremos - Inexpensive, rich tasting and flavorful, if you're into gourmet coffee and on a budget, this will suit your needs just fine. Nothing wrong with waking up to a Freedom (formerly French) Press of this every morning.

The list of course goes on and on, but here's a few more that you're likely to find in my freezer at any given time:

Ethiopian Yrgacheffe or Longberry Harrar, Guatemala Coban (like thick chocolate silk), Estate Java, Sumatran, Aged Sumatran (it might taste like a mouthful of dirt at first, but keep drinking, you might end up liking it!!!), Yemen Mocha (more than one variety of this [Sanani and Mattari] and they're both nice), Mocha Java (a wonderful combination of Mocha and Java beans, smooth, rich and sweet by itself), Guatemala Finca Dos Marias, Kenya AA (but of courrrrrse), Zimbabwe AA, Celebes Kalossi (Sulawesi), and the hits just keep on comin'.

Bottom line, if you're still spooning that instant stuff into boiling water or buying those big cans of what I call "supermarket coffee" you ain't drinkin' coffee, guyz 'n' dollzz!!!

If you're looking for the best places to buy on line, I'm not the most experienced guy around, but I highly recommend Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. The Bigg Boss Mann here at AmBack says that there's coffee that can be purchased right here on this web site so check it out. Hey, maybe I should check it out, ya think?!!??!?

Oh, and if you're ever in New York City, here's the deal, try one of Oren's seven or eight locations, they're the best in town for a cup of coffee or a pound of beans, whatever you want. And by the way, as for Starbucks, I don't buy my beans there anymore, because they don't reach into the bins behind the counter or down in the basement anymore and bag it up as you order. The bags are laying on the display shelves for who knows how long and not being frozen or in a refrigerated compartment, they're subject to faster spoilage, but for a cup of coffee, don't knock 'em, and don't give me this stuff about Starbucks being prohibitively expensive, they're not. Trust me, it's a myth, and here's some facts to back it up:

A 20 oz. cup of regular black coffee goes for an even $2 at Oren's, considered by some the best in the city. At Starbucks the same thing goes for $2.06. At Uncommon Grounds on the East side of 3rd Avenue between 35th and 36th Streets a 16 oz. cup of Black Joe goes for $1.57. You do the math, I'm at work and it's busy here tonight. Now, of course if you go into Starbucks and order the Caramel Latte a la Bichon Frise ne peux pas Le Shih Tzu with a vanilla twist, don't come crying to me about Starbucks being expensive!!!

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