Olivia Series "O" vs. Classic

Dec 17, 2004
The O Classic became the Series O last month. Same cigar, new name and new packaging. The Olivas made a big consolidating move to simplify their blends.

O Classic is now Series O
O Maduro is now Series O Maduro
Grand Maduro is now Series G Maduro
Grand Cameroon is now Series G Cameroon
Then there is the new Special S
and of course master blends III
Then you have Flor de Oliva unchanged
Flor de Oliva Maduro unchanged
Flor de Oliva Corojo unchanged
Flor de Oliva Giants unchanged
and last but not least Flor de Oliva Gold

No more Flor de Oliva 10th Anniversary
No more O Bold
Apr 3, 2006
Off topic, but does anyone know whether an Olivia O classic could potentially have beetles? The reason I ask is because I found a suspicious hole today in one that I brought home from a local store a couple weeks ago. I think I would have noticed it if it was there when I bought it.

I put it in a new 20ct humidor I was breaking in and the humidity got as high as 77 (temp stayed around 67 or so the whole time) before I noticed and started bringing it back down. It was only overnight that it was that high. When I moved the little humidor to my fiance's place, I put the Olivia in my bigger desktop I keep at my place and today I noticed the hole. I frantically checked the rest of my cigars and didn't see any evidence of a beetle, but nevertheless I am a little worried.

I can't post a pic because I don't have a digital camera, but it is one hole above the band that is pretty round. I can't tell if it is the wrapper that got pushed down that I see in the hole or just the filler.

What I am hoping is that one of you can say that Olivia cigars are treated and couldn't have beetles, but any insight would be appreciated.
Dec 17, 2004
I might be more suspicious of a cheaper cigar. Most premiums like Oliva, Davidoff, Camacho, Rocky Patel freeze or fumigate or even both in some cases. The cheaper stuff like Don Mateo is notorious for beetles. I wont even think of putting it closer to my premiums unless I know who made it and where it came from. Bottom line, any cigar can hatch a beetle, but it is not likely the oliva.

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