Pipe Tobacco Review: Carter Hall

Jul 2011

I received a "luxury pouch" of this today in the mail and decided it would be as good a time as any to write a short review.

The tobacco itself is cut fairly small and is a yellowish, tan color. The tobacco has a faint syrup-y aroma with a hint of honeydew melon. It is adequately humidified in my opinion; not too goopy and not dry. I filled my Missouri Meerschaum corncob with it and lit it up.

Lighting the tobacco was effortless. One circuit around the bowl with a match instantly started her going. Big puffy clouds of smoke were emitted from the bowl. As I started smoking I instantly noticed how mild it was. It was borderline air. There is a faint tobacco sweetness and nuttiness from the tobacco followed by an ashy finish. The ashy finish became much more noticeable as the bowl continued. Aside from the extreme mildness, the tobacco smoked like a champ! One re-light at the end of the bowl and continuous billows of smoke.

Overall: I can’t say that this tobacco wowed me with its flavors. It did however wow me by how well it smoked. I’d recommend this blend to novice smokers who are first beginning pipe smoking as well as a “complement” tobacco to cut any strong blends- Certainly an all day smoker.
Oct 2012
Haven't seen Carter Hall in ages but it looks the same and I'm surprised they still make it with the great reduction in pipe smokers. I think I still have some vintage Walnut downstairs somewhere- I think I will not go look for it.