Pipe Tobacco Review: MacBaren Plumcake

Jul 2011
Mac Baren Plumcake

Don't let the name fool you! This isn't just a sickeningly sweet blend- this is rather a misnomer for a hearty, robust blend.


Tin Aroma: Latakia with a sweet rum and slight saltiness.

Smoked two bowls, one that was right of out tin and one that was left out for 45 mins before smoking. Lots of tongue bite right out of the tin, Little to no tongue bite on the bowl that was "dried out" for 45 mins.

Smoke Aroma: burning tobacco with a slight sweet smokiness.

Flavors: prominent latakia mixed with a sweet virginia tobacco flavor. A bit of spice and slight sweetness from the rum casing which tastes more like fruit than rum. A nice perique sweetness/fruityness weaves in an out, yet this blend has no perique.

Thick smokey finish in the mouth.

Slight gurgle halfway through the bowl.

Flavor remains much the same throughout the rest of the bowl.

Overall score: 8/10 - Not bad! Very different sort of blend!

EDIT: After spending more time with this blend, it has become my favorite Latakia/Perique blend. I have been smoking it sparingly just in case I can't find another tin (which is unrealistic because this is a fairly well found blend). I would definitely recommend this blend!