Please help, I screwed up.

Apr 2018
Hi, I decided to treat myself and buy a nice relatively expensive humidor.

I knew I had to season it, so I had polypropylene glycol solution delivered with it. I used quite a bit of the solution seasoning the humidor... multiple wipes to make sure the wood was well and truly moist.... I now realise that was a mistake... I wasn't supposed to use the solution for seasoning >_<
The humidity in the front hygrometer reads 70% and the one at the back reads 75%. I've left the humidor open for 24hours, and the humidity hasn't dropped. The room humidity is about 60%, so I know that isn't the problem.

Do you guys have any advice?
Nov 2007
San Diego and Atlanta
Air that sucker out...don't use a hair dryer as that would warp the wood. The glycol will dissipate but let is sit for at least a couple of days. When it comes time season it....use the safest method....passive seasoning ( shot glass of DW and leave it til the inside gets to around 80%...might take a week so be patient) or use Boveda Seasoning...I recommend 65%.