pls recommend a humidor to me

Apr 17, 2015
which brand is good and which one are you using now? I'm really in need of it.
Give some advice to me pls. Thanks guys.:)
Apr 12, 2016
Hey I don't know if you are still looking for one, but if possible can you tell more about your budget and your requirements.

Are you looking for a desktop humidor, cabinet, travel or I highly doubt but a walk in?

If you are looking for a desktop humidor you can check out my list of best humidors here

They are in medium budget and I have tried to select them based on there functionality and looks. It is important to know whichever you select you also learn the process of adjusting the boxes to proper humidity. There are many methods available online which you can read from.

Also to not ruin the box, always buy cigars from quality shops so you don't have to face tobacco beetles in your house.

Have fun smoking.
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