Recommendations for a newbie

May 25, 2005
I'm going out of the country next week, to places where I can legally try a real Cuban cigar. I don't smoke cigars often, so am a bit of a newbie on this. I'm looking for recommendations on what would be some good smokes to try. Also, if you could include ball park costs so I can tell if I'm getting a decent deal or getting taken advantage of.

Aug 10, 2007
Somewhere down in Texas
V-man, if you are an American citizen, you can't legally smoke a cuban cigar ANYWHERE in the world. That doesn't mean they won't be sold to you though! :D

I would certainly take advantage of the situation!

Oct 18, 2005
Lost in translation
Mke sure you visit a La Casa Del Habano; they are the only licensed stores that you can trust for real cuban cigars. Everything else will be highly suspect and likely a counterfiet. You will spend a pretty penny for a cigar; but at least you can trust it is not fake. I would say about 20-30 bucks is what you will pay for an average size cigar (Petit Corona to Robusto size). Good luck and have a good time.
Feb 6, 2006
Kelvin's House
Yes, If we knew were you were going it would help a bit.

And Dustin is Correct as an American Citizen it is not legal to ever posses Cuban products, no matter were you are.
May 25, 2005
I'll be in London England for a few days and Southern Norway (Stavanger area) for a few days. Sorry, I didn't think about posting location. . .
Dec 15, 2005
As far as rec smokes. I would go with current vintage 2006/2007/2008 of the Bolivar Royal Corona, Montecristo Edmundo or Romeo y' Julieta Churchill. All of them are showing very well in the currant vintages. Also keep an eye out for the Cohiba Siglo VI. It is going to set you back a pretty penny in London but it is a serious smoke.

I found a great legit shop on Oxford Street just off Piccadilly Circus. Have fun!


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