Review on the CAO Cameroon Rabusto 5x50

Oct 2014
I’m going to score the cigar out of a possible 100 points in four parts. Which will be called The Pre Light, 1st third, 2nd third and 3rd third. Each category can get up to 25 points.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions and are my own. I am an entry level cigar smoker.

I hope this will help when looking for your first cigar or when looking for your next smoke.

Wrapper: Cameroon
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Cost: $10
Time to smoke: about 45 Min

The Pre light

After the cut I checked the draw. The draw on this cigar was really tight compared to some of the other cigars that I had been smoking the past month or so. I got an earthy/creamy taste while I was getting my torch lighter ready.

Points: 15

1st Third

I was hoping that the draw may open up halve way into this third and it did not, sadly. The creamy taste did how ever did leave at the end of this third and left the earthy taste to start the next third of the cigar. I will also note that the ash didn’t make it past a half in inch before falling off, which also made it hard to see the ashes color.

Points: 13

2nd Third

Coming into this third the draw was still tight almost tighter than it was. I wasn’t getting much smoke from this with made it hard to taste the cigar all together. Again the ash didn’t make it past a half an inch before falling off. Now I was also having trouble keeping it lite evenly and was cannoning quite a bit. I was able to fix this going into the last third.

Points: 6

3rd Third

After fixing the cannoning I was getting I was starting to get tongue bite, which I know is when the cigar is burning to hot. So I slowed my smoking down to about one draw per min. Getting into the middle part of this third the draw opened way too much. On this last leg of this cigar I was getting the earthy taste with a hint of nut and leathery taste.

Points: 6

Total points: 40

Final thoughts

All in all I thought the cigar was I bit bland and a poorly made cigar. It left me with a small bit of tongue bite and a bad after taste for the night. I’m hoping that the CAO Cameroon I bought was just one bad one out of the box. Maybe in a few months I will revisit this cigar so I can write a better review.
Oct 2014
Seal Beach, CA
What a shame. CAO is generally pretty reputable, it sounds like you may have gotten a dud. A second thought, however, maybe it just wasn't your style? I burned one of the Nick's Sticks Cameroon last night, and it was delicious, but far too rich for my taste. I don't think I could handle more than one or two of those in a month...
I guess I'm just saying that maybe it wasn't quite as bad as you thought, maybe it just wasn't up your alley. Or maybe it was, in fact, a POS. Either way, sucks that you didn't enjoy it that much.
Oct 2012
Was it the L'Anniversaire Cameroon CAO ? That one was rated, but I see a price of $ 23 for a 5er online.
Oct 2012
So many variables makes it difficult to decide by just trying one cigar. But at $ 10 a stick it could get rather expensive.