Semi-official PBL review thread.

Jul 2003
SouthWest Michigan
Why semi-official you ask, well because I posted first. :D

PBL Torpedo

Quality and Construction:

The general appearance was very pleasing. Color was also pleasing. In all my cigar smoking life, I have never seen a better put together cigar. Fit and finish was excellent!


The cigar burned very slowly and evenly all the way through. Burn lasted in excess of 1 hour, 20 minutes.

Flavor and Body:

The cigar started with a bit of an edge and finished the sameway. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was a rich chocolate sent. Upon lighting, I notice a chocolate flavor with a hint of spice. One thing that was odd though, was halfway through the cigar it took on a slight barley taste, which wasn’t at all unpleasant. I would say this cigar is for the more medium to experienced smoker only. On a scale of 1 to 10 on the strength scale, I would rate this cigar as a 6.5

Overall Impression:

This is one cigar I would certainly buy. As I said before, the fit and finish was excellent, and it was easily one of the nicest looking cigars I have ever seen. It was much better than the Sol Cubano.

I would give this an 95/100, and would pay up to $10.00 for it.
Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Well, with one vote on the strength scale of 65 out of 100, I'd say I was right in saying I'll wait until Thanksgiving '06 to smoke it. That's right, I like my cigars weak and girly.

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Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Thanksgiving '06.

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Nov 2003
Paradise CA
just smoked mine. OMG
this baby packs a helluva punch!!! very good too! it was a bit hard on the throat though, i had to drink 4 glasses of water with it. half way through i started feeling a little sick so i ate some bread real quick and i couldnt take any more after 30 more min. what a looooong smoke! very good!!!! thanks for letting me try this thing early!
Jan 2005
Oak Ridge, TN
I can relate to the sick feeling. Diplomas do the same thing to me. Good cigars, but it's like being in a brawl with an indonesian street fighter, you don't watch out, they will whip the shiznit outta you. I can't wait to try the PBL's though. They sound good.
Aug 2004
I am wondering how long these cigars sat from when they arrived?
I'd bet if you gave them 30 days there would be a slight flavor change.

The cigar started with a bit of an edge and finished the sameway.
I find some of the start edge can greatly be reduced by 30 + days of rest - having not smoked one it is hard to say - but I find it true with many smokes. And as Bloof said a few years will really smooth out a cigar.
Jan 2005
So Cal
After reading jihiggs post I'll wait until Thurs or Fri to fire this one up. It's gonna be very hard to wait till then though because this thing smells awesome!


Nov 2003
Paradise CA
yea, give yourself some serious time to enjoy that thing. its deffinately worth it. and for the love of god, smoke it on a full stomach! ill be keeping those for special occasions when those things come out. too strong for me to be a casual smoke.
Jan 2005
South Central PA
Semi official PBL review

I receives some about a week and planned to let them sleep for 30 days- just like castle crest. I jumped the gun because they looked good through the plastic. I took one out- WOW, Take this cigar to a pick up joint and just place it next to your beverage. It will attract whatever you are looking for. Yes, this cigar can get you lucky before you fire it up.
Unfortunately, I was at home. One does not get lucky at home.

Cigar fired up easy and developed lots of smoke. I knew something was getting ready to happen and I doused it in a glass of water.
We must do this cigar justice and wait 30 days. The first puff was all I needed. I'll wait three more weeks and probably get very,very good. I've learnd to wait and I will.
May 2005
Re: Semi official PBL review

malone said:
Cigar fired up easy and developed lots of smoke. I knew something was getting ready to happen and I doused it in a glass of water.
You didn't really do that.....did you? :shock:
Mar 2005
West Michigan
I had a chance to smoke this cigar last night, the weather outside was perfect, the temp. has dropped hear in Mich. to the low 80's for a couple of days along with the humidity, so I was able to sit outside in comfort.

I got one of the Churchill sized cigars, and I have to say that the appearance is second to none, dark brown oily wrapper smooth to the touch. Malone is right, lay this thing on the table next to your drink...better than a puppy.

The pre-light taste and smell of this cigar is awsome, you can sit and chew on this thing and never light it and walk away happy.

When I finally got to lighting it the draw was easy and produced an abundance of rich flavorful smoke. My palette isn't that refined, I can't pick up things like orange peel dipped in honey, or hints of sub tropic flora, but I did pick up a spicy chocalate taste, very good.

About an inch into the cigar it started to develop a runner, nothing serious, the burn evened itself out and the last 2/3 of the cigar burned perfect, no tunneling or coning. It produced a firm grey ash appox. 1.75 in. before it fell off. I smoked it right down to the nub never got hot, if I could've found one of my old roach clips I would have smoked it a little farther down.

The strenghth of this cigar, using Jasons scale, I would have to agree is about a 6.5 - 7, not the strongest, but far from being mild.
I have smoked 90+ rated cigars and this one stands right up there, I woud give it a 93. I would like to get my hands on a couple more of these when they come out and let them sit for awhile and see how they mellow. Thanks to Thor and for the preview of this stick.
Mar 2005
I thought I would bump this thread to keep it current. No Thor, I didn't smoke it yet. But I did take it out of the cellophane.
Presentation is Great! The chocolate hues in that wrapper are great to look at. The earthy aroma almost makes the cigar look heavy!
After reading previous posts, I opted for a longer nap @ 63% Rh.
I hope this doesn't upset the gift givers, but good things come to those who wait!

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Aug 2004
Chicago Born/Raised. Hollywood CA Resident
I am not upset at all...

I had sent Castle a Diploma, and he didn't smoke it for about two months!

I was curious how our Cuban guru would like the diploma....
Said it wasn't a bad smoke! :lol:

I am patient! Besides, these babies won't be out for a while!!
Mar 2005
My churchill size stick was waiting on my desk when I got in the office Tuesday (I was off most of last week and Monday). The stick looks fantastic. I'm going to let it sit a bit in the humi.

Thanks smoka &