Smelly Humidor! HELP!

Jan 14, 2005
Up&Down the PRK...I CAN'T GET OUT!!!!
NOT a cigar smoker here but I've been watching this thread grow and grow.

CAN tell you what a friend of mine does with his crapy cigars; I don't have a clue if its good/bad or otherwise. He'd spinkle wine over most of them and put them in a ziplock bag for a couple-odays...... said it made em taste better..

Ok, let the newbie here have it: I'll pass along the comments to him :wink:
Jan 18, 2005
I had the same thing happen the cigars took 4 to 5 months in a different humidor but came out fine. A couple of ACIDS will make things smell better fast don't forget if it smells bad it will taste bad.

The humidor took about two weeks to air out fully open and empty
wish I had thought of that before.

To sand use around 260 grit the higher the grit the less abrasive Spanish ceder seems soft so don't use much pressure when you sand and always go with the grain of the wood . Don't sand where the seal meats or it will no longer seal .

Good Luck.................ANT :D
Jan 18, 2005
jihiggs said:
before you throw them out try whatever you can to fix them. i am curious to see what would happen if you got them really humid for a few days then dried them rapidly, and repeated that a couple times. might get the smell out?
Sounds like a recipe for cracked wrappers, any humidity changes causes expansion and contraction of the cigar, do that a couple of times quickly and your wrapper will be flapping in the breeze.
Jan 18, 2005
Bloofington said:
Nmcowboy has been one of the most straightforward, knowledgeable, experienced and articulate cigar experts that I've had the pleasure of knowing in the five years I've been on the internet. I'm grateful we have him aboard.
Knock it off Bloof, that kind of talk will go straight to my head.
Mar 21, 2005
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I actually sanded my humidor down and WOW what a doesn't smell nearly as bad as it used to. I think a little airing out will take out the rest.
Thanks guys

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