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Aug 19, 2004
Chicago Born/Raised. Hollywood CA Resident
I went to my girlfriends work x-mas party the other day and of course it was a "No Cigars" place while everyone huffed down cigarettes. I asked my waitress, and since I didn't believe her no, I asked the bartender... he said "It's bad enough that we have to breathe cigarettes all night, let alone those things..." how about this, Don't work in a bar if your that god d*mn sensitive about it!!
What a jerk....

Anyway, It was getting late and a few friends and I sat in the back, there was no-one there so I told the waitress, who was different than before...

You don't mind if I light this, I'll put it out if someone complains...
She didn't answer me so I lit it and smoked it to the nub. I felt a little proud inside....

And I kept looking over to see if the bartender was reacting to it....
Unfortunately, fortunately, he didn't notice. I can't make up my mind which was better.....

Feb 3, 2005
Cedar Key
Heh - I can't stand that either - happened to me a bar called Blue Lous here in Pittsburgh. My group had a table off to the side and everyone at the tables around us as well as half of our group were inhaling cigarettes like they were Dyson vacuums. I take a cigar out, clip the end and I'm just about to light it when a waitress appears and "Sorry - you can't smoke that here". I'm surprised she even saw it through the haze from the cigarette smoke...
May 28, 2004
Columbia, SC
Oh yeah, CIGARETTES are ok, but cigars??? That's a load of crap! Either have both or neither; don't try to make one better than the other!'s ok to make cigars better! :wink:
Oct 17, 2005
A buddy of mine just moved back to Tucson. We went to one of my favorite Bars last night. I pull out a cigar and the bartender hands me a box of matches. My friend was so excited to be able to smoke inside. Smoking is not a problem in bars. But, you can't smoke in restaurants in Tucson (which I can understand.) I don't want to smell anything but my food when I'm having dinner. I hope things stay exactly as they are.
Oct 18, 2005
Lost in translation
While OUTSIDE at a halloween party I got the speach from some drunk dude that the cigar I was smoking smells too much while he was sucking on a cigarette; like he was better than me because he had a cigarette. The nerve of that idiot. I couldn't give him the business because my wife was present at the time and she gets bent out of shape if I get confrontational at social events that are not our our parties or with our close group of friends.
Jan 17, 2005
Here in SW PA its alot different...I have yet to go into a bar or lounge and have anyone complain...

I was in the "ground round" a bar restaurant a few weeks ago and asked the waitress if cigar smoking was allowed and she said "oh yes...cigarettes too!"
Apr 5, 2004
Here in New Jersey it looks like our great leaders are going to pass a no smoking bill that would ban smoking in all restaurants and bars. Here's the kicker. The casinos wouldn't be affected by this bill. They say that they're doing it for the health of the restaurant and bar workers but what about the casino workers?! I guess it's ok for the casinos but "F" the small pub/bar/restaurant owner!?
Sep 3, 2003
Fort Richardson, AK
I've worked in a bar for 4+ years before my army career, and I will say this, Cigarette smoke is more tolerable than cigar smoke, unless you are the smoker.

But, if smoking is allowed, that should include cigars, and tobbacco pipes.

I had someone once try to light up a crack pipe in my bar, they got the S-10 beat down though :D
Dec 4, 2005
Here in the Peoples Republic of Vermont, the tree hugging, liberal pukes wount let us smoke any where. Can't smoke in a bar, or restaurant, Soon we wount be allowed to smoke in the car, the house, inside or out. But they want to legalize pot. Go figure. Sorry about the liberal puke thing. Dont want to offend anyone. I was on a roll.
Jun 26, 2005
McHenry, IL
I think this is a goog political philosophy: "When you go to the far left or the far right, you know what you've done? You've gone to far."

I've yet to experience that issue here. Its kinda hard when probably 60-70% either chew or smoke. I also usually only smoke in my car now since its so cold.

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