Smoking In Seattle

Dec 21, 2015
Hello fellow cigar hobbyist from Seattle,WA. I'm almost 54 now and started smoking cigars on my 50th birthday. After about a year I started to explore the pipe smoking hobby and am currently a member of the Seattle Pipe Club as well. I'm always looking to learn something new about the hobbies and try new cigars and blends. I've put together a decent sized cellar of pipe tobaccos and am now looking to expand my small (about 30) cigar collection. I also enjoy nice humidors but only have the 1 for now. Thanks for reading.:cheerschug:
Oct 14, 2012
Welcome ! I also smoke a pipe as well as cigars, but I'm pretty much resigned to smoking one type of tobacco in the pipe. Cigars is a different story- I have 8 humidors and 5 plastic tubs and containers. I have no idea how many cigars I have. It's quiet here but it's about the friendliest cigar site around.

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