So hard to wait!

Mar 2004
I am switching insurence and need a check over. This really sucks because I can't smoke cigars. I have had so many perfect times to smoke a gar. I also have so many in my box I want to smoke.
Mar 2004
Not sure. Maybe non red dot cohiba, or one of the el cobre, or an Opus.

I just think of Capt when he had to do the same thing.
Jul 2005
Martin, it wasn't me. It was Macallan! I don't think I could go through that nonsense. Afterall, I eat smoke for a LIVING!
Jan 2005
So Cal
Ditto what Capt said, I think I'd be like a heroin addict going through withdrawl.

Good luck man.
Mar 2004
Ok I have an appointment for Wed, but I might be able to get one today at 3:30. If so I have a nice Puch Rare Corojo for the drive home.
Aug 2006
Roseville, CA
congrats on making it. Enjoy that punch! Should taste like a dream after all this waiting.
Mar 2004
Yeah it did taste good. It was smooth, burned even, Draw was easy. I smoked it down to the nub. It didn't get spicy until the last bit. I also tried pulling the smoke in a different way, but that is another post.