Suggestions for a smooth Port wine

Dec 24, 2006
Howdy all! A new guy here. I'd like some suggestions for a good tasting, smooth Port wine. I've tried some-[actually very few] that were bitter and just didn't taste good. Could you please suggest some brands for an admitted novice to try that you think would be good to start out with? I really like this forum and hope you can educate an admitted rookie when it comes to this! Thank you, Buckshot Bill
May 19, 2006
Clinton Twp, Michigan
The best I've ever had was a Fonseca '27 Vintage. With Port, there are two things to remember: 1, the Port should be as old as the drinker, and 2, if you're not cooking with it - make sure it reads vintage on the label.

Hope that helps!
Aug 7, 2003
San Antonio, Texas
  • I've drank Fonseca Late Bottled Vintage 2000 and like it better than the Fonseca Bin 27. I can't afford $75-$100 a bottle for the older Fonseca Port. I'll give Dow LBV a try if it's not too expensive for my wallet.

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