Tatuaje Havana VI Zona del Este

Aug 2005
Gahanna, OH
I tried my first cigar in this line last night. The wrapper was very dark and silky, and the cap was slightly difficult to cut.. The draw was firm but enough to draw a good portion of smoke. The flavors started out with a barnyard twang: notes of wood, hay, and a salty finish. There was not much change throughout the cigar except a hint of dark cherry. I finished the smoke, but I must say I was slightly disappointed. The cigar was rather straightforward. As a full-bodied cigar I found it to be a bit overwhelming on the palate, and I doubt I would seek out any more of these, especially with the $10 pricepoint. It's not necessarily a bad cigar, but I would classify it as just average.
Jun 2005
F*ing Jersey
I smoked one of the Tatuaje Havanas today - I really did not like it. Barco told me I couldn't use my original description or I would be put in timeout. It just tasted burnt (just awful) - I tried slowing down on my puffs to at least a minute in between and nothing helped. (Maybe I was smoking the wrong end????)

I don't think I will be trying this one again.
Aug 2007
Somewhere down in Texas
Kevin, I wonder if the HAvana is a red label? The Tat that I smoked a while back was red label and I thought it was terrible.

Nov 2007
The hills and the hollers
La Seleccion de Cazador is the name of the "brown label"

The red label is the Havana VI
I have had the red, and it really did nothing for me. Have not had a brown label yet.

Has anyone had the "Miami" yet? My B&M got some in and I want to try them.
Dec 2013
Right now, I am trying a variety of smokes. I prefer medium to full body sticks. I enjoy the ones with chocolate and coffee hints the most. The ones that I have enjoyed the most so far are RP Vintage 1990, Carlos Tornao 1916, Torano Virtuoso, 5 Vegas, 5 Vegas Miami, RP OSG, and some others. I keep trying more to lock in my flavors. I used to just smoke on occasions because of the price, but I can smoke more since finding cigars online. My favorite of all that I have smoked so far have been the havanas that coworkers have given me and the ones I got while out of the country.
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