Oct 6, 2005
San Francisco, California
Man I love these cigars! Just had a Cojonu that I bought from Grant's Pipe shop in SF. However at $ 12 a stick, not an everyday smoke.

I'm courious what classification these cigars are (err by ths I mean full medium or mild - sorry I don't know the proper wording).

Is it true that they're close to the cuban cigars? "Cubanesque" one site called 'em.

These Tatuajes look very different from the ones I've had. Are they the "same"?

Where can I order ones that are more like the Conjonu (and is in stock?)

Feb 24, 2006
I was lucky enough to get 10 of the Reserva SW's. One of them had a slight crack in the wrapper leaf. Normally I let stuff sit a bit, but these things looked and smell so damned good. I just said WTF? I'm smoking this thing tonight. WOW. What a great cigar. The draw was perfect, flavors of coco and nuts, then coffee, and finally strong hints of cedar and leather. Beautiful thick blue smoke. I think I found my non-opus opus lol. It reminded me more of the few cuban cigars that I have been fortunate to smoke than any domestic cigar I have smoked.

I have to say thanks to TIM for these.

From there website, the sticks that are on Cigar.com's inventory have been discontinued. I don't know how often they update Tutuaje's website, but that was on the one they have up right now. I am sure Alex has the answer.

Dec 17, 2004
They are cuban esk if you ask me. Pepin Garcia, the guy who makes the cigar treats his toabcco with a secret resipe during fermentation. If you want to find something cheaper, try the Don Pepin Garcia or Don Pepin Garcia JJ. Both in stock at Cigar.com but not online yet. You would have to call the 800 number. Also check out the Padilla miami of the EO 601 which are also made in the same factory by Pepin
Jun 26, 2005
McHenry, IL
Based on the ones Ive had, I would also check out the JFR from Tropical. Cubanesque in flavor IMO and very nice at ~$4.00 for the robusto. Its only available in brick and mortar establishments though.

I've never had a Tatuaje or another Pepin blend but if this is representative of his work, I deifinitely will be on the lookout.
Aug 9, 2006
Somewhere Out there
i cant def taste the coco and nut...as well as coffeee, great construction of this cigar....ver cuban-esk. not quite cuban tho....i love this cigar
Oct 6, 2005
San Francisco, California
Thanks for the reccomendations!

I'll be sure to keep an eye out for 'em next time I go out to Grant's.

I gotta get a credit card though! California's tobacco taxes are killing me!
Dec 17, 2004
Just a heads up, the Don Pepin Garcia and the Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ are both now in stock and available for sale on Cigar.com If you like the Tatuaje Miami then both of these are excellent choices but I am particularly fond of the JJ. Truly amazing cigar. I know Donny and Thor were big fans also.
Aug 19, 2004
Chicago Born/Raised. Hollywood CA Resident
Oh yes....

I smoke at least two Tatuaje's a week working from Petes shop out here in Bev. Hills...

Cabaiguan is another great one that isn't as full bodied as the brown label Tats.

I also love the Padilla Miami Lancero...great cigar and a great size!
Jul 13, 2005
chrisguinther said:
Has anybody tried the Nuevitas? I have one in my humidor and can't wait to smoke it soon.
IMHO the best. I traded my last one to someone at the NoVI Chop House, and you know who you are!

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