The “special” coffee

Jan 21, 2003
South Carolina
On Sunday nights when the kids are in bed, the dog asleep, and the house is quiet, my wife and I enjoy a hot cup of coffee that we call the “special coffee”. The blend is nothing exotic. In fact it will probably surprise coffee connoisseurs.

To make the special coffee for you and your better half you measure out enough whole milk to fill your two coffee cups. Pour the milk into a small pot and heat it to almost a boil. At that point take it off the heat and add two heaping teaspoons of your favorite instant coffee. Yes, you read that correctly…instant coffee. Then add the sugar. This coffee drink is usually on the sweet side. I use three teaspoons of sugar for each cup. After you stir the coffee and sugar into the heated milk, pour the coffee into your coffee cups and enjoy!
Feb 13, 2003
Cafe A' Lait. When I was growing up the first coffee I was allowed was always Cafe a' lait. Even thinking about it brings back memories and makes me feel all grown up.
Feb 14, 2003
"Do you know if they make decaf chai tea??? I love the smell, but can't have the caffiene."

Yes. In fact, I'm having some right now.
Feb 28, 2003
Republic of Texas
Well there is a place not far from where I live that is called "Legal gounds". They have some intresting names for there coffe. One I particularly like that is certainly on the sweet side is called "Murderess Mocha".
Jan 22, 2003
Starbucks, while not the best coffee, has a drink called "carmel machiotto" (?). If you like sweet, ask them to add extra caramel. Their caramel is great. Really makes the drink. :rock:

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