This mornings Coffee

Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Ah yes, you are liking one of the world's most popular coffees. Very nice coffee. I'll have to pick up a pound next time I go shopping, which will be very soon. :thumbsup:
Feb 2005
Cedar Key
chrisguinther said:
I'm really digging the Tanzania Peaberry. This stuff is fantastic and goes well with cigars.
Yep - one of my favorites as well. Costco had it on sale recently - had to stock up!
Apr 2006
South Jersey
Used the french press today...
Special Prep Sumatra Mandehling that Barco kindly sent me some time ago....

Thanks bud!
Oct 2003
Baltimore MD
I roasted some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe on Wednesday. Brought it to Full City, about 10 seconds into the second crack.

This morning I had a pot....excellent. Full of fruit and chocolate notes.
Oct 2005
Lost in translation
I had kenya peaberry today; the last of a pound I roasted. Full bodied, earthy and smooth. Nice cup. brighter than the kenya AA, but still good.
Oct 2005
Central Canada, eh?
I have been drinking an East African Estate blend that I purchased at Winners believe it or not. With a bit of Hot Chocolate in it to mellow it down a bit, it goes just fine with a cigar.
Nov 2007
The hills and the hollers
Stopped shopping at publix now shopping at Kroger. Had Kroger brand, its not as good.
Nov 2013
Such a great discussion guys. Coffee in morning is good for health. It improves mood, control bloods pressure, improve mental health, heart functions and prevent from many diaereses. Drink at least on cup of coffee in the morning to live for more year.
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Oct 2012
Coffee is better with a cigar- you ought to try it. It improve grammar, make you like others on forum and encourage you to post spam more quicker.
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
Good morning , I was looking around and found this thread , hasnt been updated since Nov. 11,2013 far to long to let it go . so Coffee , ahhhhh the best part of the morning , I am finishing the morning pot of Columbian in the drip pot and will be going to the cold brew Yugorchef soon , it is HOT AND HUMID outside but I want to enjoy the breeze before it starts to rain AGAIN ,so I will be on the back deck with a mug of the cold brew and a cigar , asap , time to check the humidor
Enjoy, Vince