Two Buck Chuck, Best Chardony in Calf

Apr 2007
The Napa Valley Register reports that Charles Shaw Chard. won 1st prize in a blind taste test at the stste fair as best Calf. Chard. The stuff is flying off of the shelves at Trader Joes.
Apr 2006
on the grass
brennivin said:
Shame their red is so damn mediocre.
i dont think their cab is all that bad. not for $2.00

their savignon blanc (IMHO) is better than the chardonnay.

im just not a chardonnay fan at all.

That and every time i think of it all i think of is the SNL skit with Sean Connery on Jeopardy

@ 2:20

Ill take "i have a chardonnay for $600...
Jan 2006
Saint Louis, MO
Not bad, not bad at all. I'll have to give the other varieties a try. Considering I'm on a student budget, I think I may have just found the "house wine".
Nov 2005
"Forest Ville" - Chard. C.S. Mer. Syrah - Actually decent ! I don't know who the parent winery is, as it is a negeociant (secondary labeling) I've tasted 3 vintages of the above "California" appelation wines . .. ... haven't had an unpleasant experience.

"Sea Ridge" - (Safeway, Vons . . .Other ?) Chard. & C.S. also a decent bulk purchased and blended "made and bottled by" offering sold exclusively at Safeway Stores.

The reds (above) can pick up some very nice complexity in the glass.

The whites offer very foreward not necessarily complex flavors but very drinkable and pleasant. Both would make my House Wine List !

Both labelings are certainly a case buy mix / match when on sale . . $2 .99 ea @ $ 35.88 case respectively.

Reg. Prices - about $4.99

1 3/4 Star rating ea. (Of 4 Possible)

Spirit On ! :wine: