Uncle Beanz 2008 Cup Of Excellence: . . .

Sep 27, 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
"San Pablo."

It was time to finally choose one of the four remaining bags of Uncle Beanz coffee in the freezer. I chose this one yesterday, and lined up the jars with a pots worth in each one. I noted that the roast was a relatively light one compared to what so many Americans have become used to over the past 10-12 years. I counted this as a plus.

I also noted that the beans were very well selected, almost completely uniform with respect to size and shape. And then it was time for the preparation of the first pot. After grinding the coffee, and repeatedly sticking my nose in the French Press, like a horse with a feedbag on, I was pleasantly confounded by the aroma.

WHAT, . . .

was that smell? Oh sure, it's coffee, and it smells like coffee, so shut up and make the pot, do the review, don't drag it out, stop being such a going on forever kind of dope, Bloof.

So, I decided to do some things around the house, and about five minutes later, I came back and did the feedbag thing, walking around with my nose in the carafe. I finally figured it out. Sun dried tomatoes, with a hint of basil leaf.

Okayyy, now this is really going to be one hell of a coffee drinking experience, if this is what it smells like after grinding.

After making and pouring that first pot, I noticed that as it went in to each mug, it had a greenish hue. Yes, this coffee isn't really black, which as we all know, black coffee is really a VERY dark shade of brown. Just put a pair of black socks next to a cup of coffee. But okay, "black" coffee, for the sake of this review, or the discussions that revolve around the wonderful world of coffee.

But this coffee is greenish black, it really is. Now, at this point, I have come to know that despite the fact I've been around the block a few times when it comes to how many coffees I've tasted, and what I've tasted in my 17 years of doing this, it was going to be a completely different experience.

And it was. I am here to say that once again, The Uncle Beanz Exxxperience does not disappoint in the least, but has rather enhanced my knowledge and enjoyment. Uncle Beanz 2008 Cup of Excellence "San Pablo" is easily one of the most balanced cups of coffee I've ever tasted. It has a most unusual flavor profile, which I can tell I'll be discovering more of in subsequent tastings. What I can discern so far is a most unusual combination of earthy flavors, bean sprouts, and a hint of some kind of grain flavor in there.

Whether you're up for a relaxing weekend morning, or getting ready to go out in to the world and work hard, you won't have to work hard to like, . . .

Uncle Beanz 2008 Cup Of Excellence, "San Pablo", . . .

because it'll work on you, with a well balanced, smooth, creamy flavor profile that'll have you making pot after pot to try and figure out what you're tasting. Chances are, it'll be something new every time. I know I can't wait for my next pot.

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