Uncle Beanz Colombian Spectacled Bear. . . .

Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Maybe the best coffee I've ever had. Whether fresh ground laying in the French Press, brewing in the press, sipped slowly while hot, or even long after it's become room temperature, there is simply nothing wrong with this coffee. There are no weak points. The pungent aroma in the carafe post grinding is a delicious blast of sharp nut flavors and chocolate. Sipping it the entry is a medium to full bodied mouthful of chocolate covered tart cherries with heavy milk chocolate and caramel notes on the finish. As time goes on and the coffee warms, the caramel and vanilla become more evident.

One of the most striking things about this was the smell of the beans upon first opening the bag. If there is such a thing as a telltale Cuban cigar taste, there is indeed something very "Colombian" about Colombian coffee, and that telltale aroma never hit me as hard as this bag of beans. It was that definite genuine Colombian smell. This is one coffee I'm going back for on my next order, if there still is any. This is rich tasting, perfectly balanced, and not in a smooth, mild fashion either, where the product has become so "refined and unique" it's virtually flavorless. This is boldly flavored, with separation, complexity, and has none of what bodybuilding judges search endlessly for, which is "weak points." Even Arnold had 'em. This coffee doesn't.