Uncle Beanz Puerto Rican Mountain Grown. . . .

Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
A rich, powerful aroma booms from the bottom of the French Press after grinding, mostly unsweetened dark chocolate with a hint of milk chocolate. While brewing in the French Press, it takes on the smell of sweetened dark chocolate covered nuts. On the palate, while hot, you are greeted by rich, smooth, very balanced flavors of chocolate, volcanic lava ash, and increasingly apparent earth notes. As time goes on, hints of pineapple are evident as the lava ash smooths out, with the chocolate and earth remaining strong. Toward the end, after the coffee in my cup hit room temperature, more pineapple became evident and the chocolate covered nuts returned. Don't know how "mountain grown" anything gets in Puerto Rico, with the tallest peak being 4,344 feet, but I guess it's like "wind aided" or "altitude marks" in track and field. There must be a starting point.