Uncle Beanz Santa Rita Natural. . . .

Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
A sharp aroma after grinding, rich and very pungent, aromas which separate only in to what I can best describe as unsweetened milk chocolate, habanero salsa and a hint of steamed broccoli. It's pretty much the same drinking it, very pungent, and a flavor profile which smacks of steak with mole sauce, at times breaking up in to unsweetened chocolate and caramel. It's bright upon each sip, very striking, and a good wake up coffee, not subtle and smooth like the Puerto Rican mountain grown. This is a sure winner, and I'm going back for another bag or two next time I order from Uncle Beanz.

I have to admit, I've tried a few Puerto Rican coffees in my time, from Uncle Beanz and others. They don't compare favorably, but that's just my palate. I don't like the metallic, volcanic ash taste, unsweetened pineapple and neutral earth notes. Too smooth, with no striking components. I like coffees that create a blast of either a remarkable individual flavor, or multiple flavors snapping and popping in my mouth.