Unpressurized Cargo Holds at 40,000ft and Forty Below



I've never participated in one of these but am curious as to how the cigars stand up to being shipped via overnight or second day air. In my experience baggage and air freight is usually shipped in an unpressurized cargo hold. The temperature at cruising altitude is around forty degrees below zero which will freeze dry anything that isn't well sealed. I lost a spare pair of contact lenses back in 1988 to this effect.
Feb 6, 2006
Kelvin's House
I have never had an issue, I generally always ship my cigars NDA. I also know that when i have fish shipped it is also NDA, never had one turn into an ice block.


Barcochris said:
I generally always ship my cigars NDA.
Being from the software development sector all my brain is making of that is "Non Disclosure Agreement".
Oct 26, 2007
San Diego County
I order almost all of mine through the internet. Usually ground. I also have had them sent 2nd day air. I also have taken them on a plane as a carry on. My Dad checks his in his luggage which will be put in a cargo hold. I haven't lost a smoke yet. Neither has he.
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