Feb 13, 2003
Durham, NC
A freind of mine and I finished off a bottle of vodka last night that was pretty good. It's called "Vox", and is a grain vodka from the Netherlands. The taste is a kind of cross between Stolichnaya and Absolut, and on the same level with them in terms of refinement.
If you like a good straight glass of Vodka, this might be a good choice. My Doc won't let me drink like I used to, so I hate to waste my rare drinks on crap. This was worth it. Don't let the pretty bottle put you off.
Feb 17, 2003
Columbus, Ohio
I saw VOX when I bought vodka last time. Interesting bottle. I ended up getting a bottle of Grey Goose, which is pretty good. I know, I know, its french :oops: but I bought it over a year ago so no flaming. I don't drink much vodka and never straight. I usually mix it with 7-up, cranberry juice, or jello :D .
Vodka The Holistic Choice!

My holistic doctor recommended vodka when i had some ticker problem some years ago. If I recall I'd searched the net and found an Aussie site among others that verified that vodka had less methanol than other booze because of the filtering process.
I'm a teetotaler nowdays, quit cold last year, my brand of choice was the Brit Tanquyey (Sp) with OJ and no hangovers.
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