Weird Humidor problem need expert help

May 2013
I recently was in the market for a bigger humidor and I bought a new Adorini chianti medium deluxe humidor. Heard good things, it was in my price range , sharp looking , and I heard that the adorini analog hygrometer was very good as well. I order it it comes from Europe to Boston, MA in 4 days by the way, I was very pleased. Open it up everything is great. I read the instruction manual thats full of useful knowledge. I follow adorini's seasoning process of the humidor. Its all pretty standard stuff. I then decide to calibrate the adorini hygrometer AND a digital I had in my old humidor. After 10 hours both hygrometers read 76 RH (Turn them BOTH down to 75% no big deal). NOW COMES my problem. I seasoned the humidor. I then waited 3 days as adorini says to wait(wipe down the interior of the humidor with distilled water and then leave a small glass inside of distilled water for 3 days. After day 1 placed both my digital and the adorini analog inside the humidor. BOTH READ 65 RH. I thought no big deal. I have to wait 2 more days as instructions say to. I figure that RH will go up by then. 4 Days later RH on BOTH hygrometers reads 65% still not budgeing but thats ok 65-70% everything will be alright. I then proceed to put cigars into my new Humi. Day 1 63% Day 2 63% Day 3 still 63% im on day 4 now and its still reading 63% Why wont it go up. If it said 66-68 id be happy by 63% is a just a little low is it not? And why wont it go up ? I recharged the humidifier just to rule that out. And like I said both hygrometers have ben calibrated and both are reading 63% and ideas ?
Aug 2007
Somewhere down in Texas
Actually for me 63-65 is ideal, but I tend to lean toward 63. I've kept my Humidors at 63 for several years now.

How did you calibrate your hygrometer?