What did you smoke today?

Oct 2012
Las Cabrillas Cortez- very mild

Bahia Gold Maduro toro- mild

both with a couple of bottles of Raging Bitch beer (8.3%) after work
Feb 2014
i think both couple of bottle are very good looking. I want to smoke this today. please tell me is that any partial effect ?
Mar 2018
I would like to recommended you Cohiba cigarettes which I am currently experiencing.
For your all better understanding I am mentioning brief description of which you all can refer.

"Made with 100% Cuban tobacco, grown in the lush lands of Cuba,
COHIBA is our premium cigarette brand. COHIBA cuban cigarettes are made from only the best selection
of hand-picked and carefully chosen leaves from Vuelto Abajo. It is this that gives our cuban cigarettes cohiba their unique and special aroma and taste infused with rich history. Our trusted Cohiba cigarettes distributors suppliers are based all over the globe."

You can place order for it through above mentioned description.
I hope this will helpful to you.
Feb 2004
159 Knobvue Drive Freedom Pa 15042
jUST FINISHED THE first CUTTING OF THE LAWN for 2018 , sat on the back deck with a Monte Churchill and coffee.... not a fun day , but the cigar was great