Where did you buy your Cigar (torch) lighter

Feb 2005
well, so far, i've looked at gas stations and wal mart as well as ebay and amazon. just wondering what a good lighter would be to start off with in the price range of $10-$30. i'm just starting with cigars, so any help would be great.

thanks and great site.
Jan 2005
Cigar.com Torch lighter under the accessories section. 25.00 I have not had a problem with it, looks like Nibo makes it for them.
Feb 2005
I bought my Colibri Firebird from my local B&M for about $15. It was my first torch so I wanted to really give one a try before I spent any real money. I can't believe I waited so long.

I'm a little curious how long it will last, but either way I'll probably upgrade to a nicer one this year.

May 2004
winthrop ma
Local cigar shop is where I got mine. Ten bucks. nothing fancy, but it does the job. If your new to cigars, might I suggest that you first learn to light up using good old fashioned wooden stick matches.
Try "Toasting" the cigar before you light it no more than 10 seconds. You don't want to roast it, which is what might happen if the torch lighter is used.

Enjoy "this thing of ours".

Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Check out this link.


The Colibri Quantum Champ is the most reliable torch lighter I have ever owned in nine years of being in that market. It just goes to show, but I'm really not surprised, and the point is that the $15 Colibri beats the heck out of its $75-100 models. It should run you about $18 per depending on your order if you throw in the shipping charges. Even if that's all you order and it costs a bit more than $20, this thing is durable. The green paint will eventualy peel off with carrying around and heavy use revealing a battleship hull-like metal, which is just as durable.

It was a great surprise when I discovered this lighter a couple of years ago. The web site is one of my all-time favorites for cigars in general. This lighter has been listed at this price for quite some time. For those of you like myself who have had bad experiences with Colibri's expensive models, don't be too jaded. THIS ONE REALLY WORKS!!! It will also last, even if it won't look so pretty after a couple years. :mrgreen:
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