Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye. . . .

Sep 27, 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Nah, can't be. Bloof has a review of a new product, something he's never tried before, in July???

Yes, that's right, as it turns out, in the presence of air conditioning, I can handle those normally cold weather spirits of bourbon and rye.

This stuff is good. Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye, at six years old and 90 proof, goes head up against the young Sazerac Rye, now said everywhere to be six years old, although the first release was billed as seven. That's another 90 proof product, so Wild Turkey had things in mind, like competition, when they broke this out. It competes well.

Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye tastes an awful lot like their regular rye, watered down to 90 proof, but having matured well. I don't know what their plans are at WT, but I'd say that somewhere between 9-12 years old, if they were to age any barrels that far, they will have a butt kicking, perhaps world class, yes, world class rye.

In the meantime, at a "walk out price" of $34.67 ($31.99+tax) at Warehouse Wines, 735 Broadway, Manhattan (NYC), this is good stuff. The flavor profile has complexity and good separation between the distinct flavors. It's still a little bit smooth, with the flavors occasionally banging on the door to get out a little further, but perhaps retarded by the relatively young six years.

I detect caramel, with apricots, and that spicy tingle, at times reminiscent of wildflower honey, that accompanies a good rye can be found in almost every sip. This is extremely smooth, but unlike the Wild Turkey Rye that's sold by the tank car, this also has determinable flavors, all the way through.

Although it's up to ten dollars more than it's counterpart, the "Baby Saz" as its widely known, this is a worthy opponent, and knocks out the Baby Saz, and also decisions the Old Potrero Straight Rye whiskey. That's another 90 proof rye, but quite young, and although tasty, monotonous and over priced.

There's a new kid in town, and as we know, the market is going to be thin and prices high for a while. This new kid thickens things a bit. It won't break the bank, and it won't leave you muttering to yourself, as you go back to the bourbon section, looking for something that you're just tired of having time and again.

Try something different. Try something new. Wild Turkey Russell's Reserve Rye, six years old, and 90 proof. Could be better, but for six year old rye, this is tasty, complex, and pleasing throughout. A new No. 6 on the Top Ten of rye, and a worthy pick in an arena of slim pickins.

[center:17jfrqc8]Top 10 Rye List[/center:17jfrqc8]

1. The Classic Cask 22 year
2. Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 year (A-E bottles)
3. The Classic Cask 21 year
4. Van Winkle Family Reserve 13 year (final release)
5. Sazerac 18 year
6. Wild Turkey Russell’s Reserve Rye
7. Old Potrero Straight Rye (90 proof)
8. Sazerac "Baby Saz"
9. Vintage 21 year
10. Vintage 23 year
Jul 13, 2005
Bloof, I placed an order for this at my local shop. When he got it in, it wasn't the Rye version, just the Regular Russel's reserve.
Sep 27, 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Yeah, the Russell's Reserve bourbon, you mean. That's too bad, because I won't drink the new Russell's Reserve bourbon, never tried it, and won't try it. Back when it was labeled 10 year old, 101 proof, the bourbon was outstanding, especially the last three years or so that it was out. I hear by then it was actually closer to perhaps 14 years, at least in some bottles.

Too bad the guy didn't get the Russell's Reserve Rye in. If you can find it somewhere, pick one up.

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