Worst Cigar Ever?

Jan 2005
Rubberneck... you are my hero. I could not have put it any better myself. And here I thought I was the only one fed up with with these big companies that are making so many similar blends. I guess they have to grow their sales somehow but I like the smaller brands myself. The ones who started making and are still making cigars for the sake of making a great smoke. Who are still blending cigars the way they and their families always have. Unfortunately, with sweedish match and altadis buying everyone in the industry, I cant help but feel like in 10 years there may be only one or two players left in the market. A sad potential if you ask me. Sweedish Match distributes perdomo, cao, rocky patel, drew estate, and la flor dominicana in europe already. How long do you think it will be before it wants all the US distribution too and buys up those guys? They already own General and have to make some kind of play against altadis, particularly after they bought JR. Sorry to rant but this just gets me so worked up. That there may only be a handfull of manufacturers to choose from some day.
Jan 2005
U.S. Virgin Islands
About 10 years ago a friend of mine offered me a cigar called "Between The Acts". I was just beginning my career as a casual cigar smoker. I lit up and immediately knew that this was a smoke I wasn't going to forget.

My eyes actually started watering. I know that alot of cigars smell less than wonderful, but this was the A-Bomb of "[email protected]#$, the car engine's on fire and my toilet blew up!" I've smelled burning trash that probably had more flavor (and was probably less harsh).

Jun 2005
McHenry, IL
la vieja habana that was given to me by my local discount cigar dealer. Should have known something was up if he gives them away.
Mar 2005
Hilton Head, SC
i have heard decent things about those so i bought one and it tasted like i was using chewing tobacco. I really want to try another some time and like it but chances are very slim that ill ever burn one of those again.
May 2005
Toronto, Canada
I hope no way rips my head off for this but I had the worst experiences with Arturo Fuente Curly Heads. I bought 2 of them. Both were EXTREMELY bitter, harsh, and sharp tasting. I smoked half of the first one but had to put it down. I let the second one sit for a while to see if it would improve but the second was just worst: I had to put it down after less than an inch.
Jan 2005
Not sure it can be called a cigar but I smoked some forest floor once when I was hard up for a smoke. A little on the harsh side, the burn was lousy, it did have a good open draw with flavors of pine and spider web. Pretty much nubbed it though. I'd have to give it 2/6 smoke rings.
Mar 2005
Hilton Head, SC
my personal worst cigar opinion is Onyx reserve. A lot of people like them but i can't tolerate them.


... White Owl "mini'"... for a buck fiddy, I just wanted to have something for the road trip.... bah... It was truly a waste of my time. Come on.. I should known better than to get a 'nice' cigar at a gas station :shock: :roll:
Jan 2005
It is good to see this thread back at the top. Definately one of the more interesting conversations.
Jan 2005
Oak Ridge, TN
One of the worst cigars I've smoked, and I know this must be a fluke since this was the only one I smoked, was an Opus X.
Mar 2005
West Michigan
I've smoked quite a few bad cigars over the years, one of the most recent was a Macanudo Portofino, I'm not a big fan of Macs anyway, but this one was given to me, the draw was very hard on the first half of the cigar and when it loosened up and I could get some smoke out of it I wished the draw would have stayed tight.
May 2005
The gran Havana, I think thats how you spell it. I had a box of the middle strength one, WOW!!! It Sucked, I cant bear to throw any thing away, so I went through all 20 of them. Lousy, Lousy. I would smoke them while cutting the grass, washing the car, whatever just to get rid of them. BAD, REAL BAD!!!
Jul 2005
I thought I would bring this tread back up. The WORST cigar I must say is ANYTHING from Te Amo. If you look closely at the picture on the box (the bull) you can see these cigars being produced right out of the a$$ of the bull. No, its not his tail, it is a cigar coming out....
Aug 2005
The worst ever? Some Cusano lines (C1, P1?) I've had made me wish I just rolled up the newspaper.

Now that I've given them several chances, the CAO Italia just sucks. I can't stand the odd taste. Love the brazilia, hate the Italia (and I wanted to like it). I wouldn't pay $2 for it.


Oh yeah, my mom got me a bundle with the P1 and M1 (not c1 I guess) from a shoe outlet store in CT. At least she tried :)

Fiance got me a box of 10 cuban honeys. Not so good!