Worst Cigar Ever?


Nov 2003
Paradise CA
italia, not so great. brazilia awsome. the p1 is pretty good for the price i never tried the c1. didnt care too much for the m1.
Jan 2005
what can you expect from a bundle. But not a bad thing can really be said for Cusanos premium lines.

worst smoke ever.... MACANUDO
Mar 2005
West Michigan
I have to agree with Capt about Te Amo, I've had a couple of these over the years and just don't like them, as a matter of fact I don't think there's any Mexican cigars that I ever liked.

As far as Thompson's are concerned I have only had experience with one, a friend of mine gave me a humidor filled with one of their house brands, clipped the end and saw what looked like a piece of thread (it was yellow), out of curiosity I cut the thing open and it looked like it was made out of floor sweepings, there was bits of things that looked like pieces of cardboard and other pieces of thread, needless to say I never smoked any of them, so I can't say they are the worst I ever smoked. :)
Jul 2003
SouthWest Michigan
You buy a cigar from a gas station, you take your life into your hands.

That being said, I'll third Te Amo and add another vote for Bering.
Mar 2005
South Florida
last Friday I had a puff on a Sauza by Drew Estate...tequila flavored. Good Gawd that was horrible. It was given to one of my buddies for his birthday (not by me). This is a guy who will RARELY put down a cigar, no matter how lousy. He lit it up, I smelled it immediately...not a bad aroma, actually, but then he took a draw on it and the look on his face was like "wtf is this sh*t?" He got rid of it as quick as he could...the guy sitting next to him took a puff, and then HE put it down. Finally I picked it up, took one puff, and it was amazingly bad. I set it down, and then it didn't go out for a good 20 minutes, just sitting there in the ash tray.
Jun 2005
A friend of mine had bought a humidor from thompson.com, that came with 100 free cigars. He gave me one on a fishing trip. When I tell you this s**t was terrible, it was 100 times worse! :barf: I told him to send the humidor back to get his money back. Of course he didn't. I believe he still has 98 doing absolutley nothing in the humidor.
Mar 2005
ive ordered and re ordered cigar.coms honduran puros and they were great
last one i got i threw away a quarter of the way through
only time ive ever done that
re the sol cubanos
i bought a couple from cigar .com
tasted ok but litterally fell apart in my hands
wrapper frayed and unwound
filler and binder just sorta disintegrated
re berings
i wouldnt argue with what has been said
time was when i was young n good looking and the bering imperial was one of the best cigars on the market and most definately the best for the dollar
actually 25 cents back then
all that was way pre swisher
i too have had some very poor very expensive cigars
never had a macanudo that i cared for
Aug 2005
Boston, MA
I recently had an AVO #2 that was *TERRIBLE*
I think it must have been sitting around the shop with a broken humidifier, or somthing, cuz i keep hearing good things about the AVOs. Only cigar i've ever not finished.
Jan 2005
I think the worst cigar I have had was a Carlos Torano Exodus Silver (torpedo) I don't know what it was that really set it off for me. It was the first and last one of these I ever tried. First of all when I cut it that wrapper cracked up the side (could of been my fault). Second it was pretty dry, now that could of been the shop, but it was a fresh box that they just recieved that day... Third, the damn thing tasted like a cigarette to me. It has an overwhelming ashy taste. I smoked about half of it, and chucked it. That was the only cigar I have thrown away before it was really done.


Nov 2003
Paradise CA
if it cracked when you cut it, either you were trying to cut it with a butter knife or it was extremely dry. that would account for the terrible taste. a dry cigar will burn a lot hotter than a properly humid one.
Jul 2005
Uh, Colonel? When you get your B-day package, please return to sender. ...................... Just kidding!!!!
Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
:cryinlaugh: :rotflmao: :mrgreen:

Also terribly sorry to hear that one of my all-time favorites, the regular Avo, was so badly panned. To each his own. It's not a good cigar until YOU say it is. :thumbsup:
Jun 2005
F*ing Jersey
I'm with you on this one Bloof - the No. 2 is one of my favorites.

I have a couple of the Maduros sitting in the humidor - I am looking forward to giving them a try.

Now the worst cigar I had - I think I would go with a Helix that not only had no taste - but I couldn't keep the darn thing lit.
Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
Thanks Capt, why not revive the original thread? Okay, how the heck DOES my friend smoke those Avanti's anyway? Anise flavored cigars? I tried one or two years ago, but I don't get it. :bigpuke: