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Play-off Sticks

My Raiders won the greatest game of all..........First draft pick. Hey! At least we won something. I never said LA. Sometimes I wish I had, anyway.........The trick here, during the over hyped play-offs, is to try to find the perfect balance between salami and fine cigars. You must find the 4 most important components before even considering sitting down and soaking up some good old American Football. First, but not in this order, what cigar goes with Salami? You have the garlicy greezyness of the salami that needs to be cut by a very strong competetive flavor. Strong Ale is a good place to start but soon you find your fingers itching for something to hold. You look in your fridge and find nothing. Then, call me silly, you remember that in a wooden box kept in a secret place, hidden from the light, and your wife, you may have the perfect thing. You then sneak up on the box, your mind is whirling around with visions of swirling smoke and sweet memories of childhood. You turn the key and open the secret box. The smell that rises to your nose sends you into a state of bliss. You then look at all the wonderful choices you have before you. Oh, maybe a CAO Brazilla Gol or maybe a Gurkha Titan, NO! that special RP Olde world you've been saving. OH MAN!! I can't decide. You look at the Pueblo Dominicano, the K. Hansotia Triple Lagaro, the trusty Sun Grown that never lets you down. Now the game has started and you still haven't sliced the salami and you are at a cross-roads with one hand filled and the other in total ciaos. MAN this ale is tasty but it could be sooooo much better if only I could decide on the itch in that other hand. OK, I gotta get tough here. After all there are a bunch of huge guys on TV just waiting to get their heads smashed and I can't even decide on a cigar. Yea the salami is ready, yea the Ale is cold BUT GOD HELP ME!!!!!! I can't pick a smoke. UGgggggggggg. Oh wait! I know! I'll toss a coin! Yea that's it! A coin! HEADS! it's the, oh shoot, there are more than 2 choices and the darn coin only has 2 sides and now what am I gonna do.........What do you mean it's half time already? How did I miss the whole first half??? Ok that's it, I'm just gonna pick a special stick that represents a perfect moment in my life and enjoy every minute of it and watch the game and enjoy that ale and munch on some greeezzzy salami and remember how wonderful life is and how much I love my wife and how blessed my life is and how my friends are what make my life worth living and that should really make this game special! So it's back to the box......OH here we go again.......That was one of the best games I have ever not seen in my entire life. I am sure it was well played and all of the talent was spectacular and the fans yelled and Al and John had terrific insight and whoever won will play again next week. You see, I can't wait until next week because I'm gonna sit down with some nice Salami and a cold Ale and my favorite stick and enjoy myself a well deserved day off and a football game, that is if I can survive the stress of it all, that is..........
Some of the very best things in life go up in smoke.
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Sometimes I worry about you....

and then I open one of MY humis...and forget all about you

what am I gonna smoke.........
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It is so good to know I am not the only one with this problem. Food, your story was great! Enjoy the play-offs, and whatever smoke ends up getting lit.

Now back to my humi, I had a decision to make, what to smoke this morning....geez, this is tuff.
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I have figured out that the best plan for a football game is either two Coronas, one for each half with a stuff my face session at halftime or one giant Churchill or 'A' to puff on the entire game.

La Gloria Cubana Serie R Limitada is a great cigar for an entire game.
Everything passes. Nobody gets anything for keeps. And that's how we've got to live.
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