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A Green Cuban, Screech Rum, Thanksgiving football, . . .

and a great meal delivered by friends along with dessert.

Woke up early, two Freedom Presses of Sumatran Mandheling coffee by the time the second quarter of Game One came around. And just as he said he would, one of my very best friends stopped by with his wife, whom I haven't seen for a while, and they brought me a complete soup to nuts meal including dessert, and a gallon of apple cider from a nearby orchard. The restaurant is some German place in New Paltz, and the cooking is pure home style, incredible food.

So, I had a grand Thanksgiving meal, hung with my friends for over an hour, then they had to leave.

Along with a two shot mug of rum*, I picked out the nice green Cuban cigar Castle Crest sent me recently, and lit it at 1637 hours. It was 4 5/8"x42, and drew very well from start to finish. It had a very basic, sharp charred flavor with strong tobacco notes, and also backed with that crisp, burnt chlorophyll taste that marks cigars with a candela wrapper. It lasted until 1719 hours, a 42 minute unique, strong flavored smoke but without the unpleasant feeling of running into Earnie Shavers' short right hand, the way so many other Cubans make me feel.

All things considered, I was able to do exactly what I wanted to do on Thanksgiving instead of the polite guilt trip stuff, for the first time in 20 years. I spent it alone getting away from it all, resting up from the tensions caused by the expensive legal maneuvers trying to save my house, and watching all of both football games. Thanksgiving without football just isn't Thanksgiving to me, and it was my first such in two decades. I had a wonderful meal brought straight to me, no cleanup , great rum, also paid for by someone else, as my friends had given me three bottles of it for my birthday. It was followed by a unique cigar, plenty of true relaxation and all in all, truly a day to give thanks to The Lord for where I am and what I have.

(*Editor's Note: Check out Spiritus Fermenti for more on Screech Rum.)
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"truly a day to give thanks to The Lord for where I am and what I have." Bloofington, you said a mouthful there my man! The world would be a better place if more people had these feelings. Simp
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sounds like a wonderful time - glad to be part of it!

I kind of have to laugh at your review a little.
Even though it was right on.
I find those sticks very fruity and way to on the mild side.
"I know you like very mild cigars"
More of a novelty smoke than anything for me.
I get them from a friend in Canada - something made for that market.
Not a Great smoke & not a Bad smoke, just very different.
Glad you enjoyed it!
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doesn't get much better than that!
"All we ask is to be let alone."

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