An Excellent Talk on Cigar Training by Teodoro Ernesto Lavin Sodi

Jul 31, 2016
On July 27, 2016 there was an event in Club de Industriales in Mexico City on Cigar training. The training event was attended by many cigar experts, enthusiasts and sales agents from many regions of the world. The prominent speaker of the event was Teodoro Lavin Sodi who himself is a cigar expert. He has contributed a lot to the cigar industry through his writing and is now focusing on training and making others proficient in the field of cigars.

Cigarette tidbits and history

The event was very interesting where Teodoro Ernesto Lavin Sodi provided many unknown and valuable information about the cigar industry and its origins. It was really interesting to know that the word ‘cigar’ has its root in the early Mayan civilization where people used to smoke a form of pipe. It was later discovered by Columbus who found the native Indians smoking tobacco leaves in their pipes.

His accomplice had formally introduced tobacco in Spain and Portugal after he came back from his voyage. Spanish and European sailors also visited the tobacco growing regions and developed the habit of smoking.

The republic of Cuba has started tobacco plantation as early as the 16 century. The industry developed swiftly over the region and all three types of tobacco leaves used in cigars were grown. Havana cigars soon earned their name for being the finest cigars in the world. The audience correctly related Fidel Castro with the Cuban cigars when Teodoro Lavin Sodi asked the audience to speak up names of famous personalities hooked to cigars.

No one in the crowd was able to answer the question put forward by Teodoro Ernesto Lavin Sodi about the time of cigar introduction in America. It was learnt from him that in 1762 cigars were first brought into USA by an American war general when he returned from Cuba. The trend caught up in America and soon cigar factories were set up in areas like Hartford and Connecticut. By 1800 cigar consumption was popular all over the world and considered a show of class in Europe and America.

Teodoro Lavin Sodi also brought up the name of many literary figures, philosophers like Freud, King Edward VII, who could not live without cigars. The audience was really amazed to learn the large scale production of cigars currently going on around the world. His talk on one of the best cigars in the world, San Teodoro Cigars was one of the highest point of the event. He described lucidly in details the aging process of fine cigars like San Teodoro which renders its amazing flavor, combination of tastes and raises the overall smoking pleasure. The technicalities and the information will prove beneficial to all the enthusiasts sitting in the crowd.

The cigar experts in the audience were seen taking in everything delivered by Teodoro Ernesto Lavin Sodi. The information which he shared was invaluable and the event was much talked about by the audience.

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