Anyone wanna trade sticks?

Jan 2014
Ive been stockpiling to many sticks ill never smoke just seeing if anyone wants to trade some. I have anything from mild to full, aging 1-4 years.
Oct 2012
I know the feeling, but swapping just changes some labels and provides revenue to the shipping people. Most of what I have is sticks I like- and well more than a year's supply of them.
Mar 2005
Sanford, NC
I take donations! ;)

I used to buy a box at a time (many years ago), and then I would trade all but 5 to get some variety. Since I don't smoke often, this also allowed me to age some cigars as well.

If you've got a high quantity of one cigar, I can see trading. If you've got a lot of 5ers or less, I agree with tony.