Buena Vista hecho a mano short robusto

Sep 2017
My first cigar review as a starting cigar enthousisast.
This is also my first longfiller cigar. I smoked some shortfiller cigars before "Balmoral" and "Hajenius".

Any advice will be great to learn how to smoke and appreciate cigars and tips and tricks to do the tasting. Here we go!

Time and place: 5-sep-17, 11:00AM, cloudy day, backyard.
Drink: black coffee with a vanila aroma on the nose
Touch: The cigar is very firm, almost hard but definately not dry.
Nose: lots of tabaco, hint of a pleasant funk.
Draw: The draw after the cut was firm and has a hint of cherry taste.
Lit: not a lot of smoke, the ash is firm and has a sharp and even burn.
Taste: Has a little sweetness and sharpness in the mouth. Little tinkling in the back of the throat. Little woody taste.
Verdict: For my taste I think it is a mild, smooth and average cigar. In my opinion it's not a complex cigar.