Cigars for the Troops

Aug 2005
Gahanna, OH
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Please check out the website for Blowin Smoke on how you can send some cigars to our troops overseas. It's a chance for us to something for them as a thank you for all they do for us.
Dec 2004
If I know something is going overseas for our Brothers In Arms you can count on to get you an extremely generous price on whatever anyone is putting together. If anyone is planning on buying anything, let me know so I can arrange to get it to you at our best price. Thanks.
Dec 2006
Why don't we all send in a check or call in with a charge card to and have them send out a pile of sticks. I am in!! Should we start a list of who wants to donate?
Sep 2007
In my Mack truck somewhere in a Chicago suburb smo
or maybe they can set up a webpage for the donation that takes you to their checkout, then we they have the lump sum, they can put together something for us...
Aug 2005
Armpit of the world....Al Asad, Iraq
I did this very same thing for my buddy Greg and you all did it for me, so you KNOW I'm in!!
Aug 2007
I wanted to bump this up to the top. Partially due to today being veterans day but also because I don't want it to die. I was hoping that Hatchetmans suggestions would happen. I know of other retailers with similar programs. I just feel we owe to those who are over there on our behalf. So lets keep this going and come up with a final solution. I think it would be great if just set up that link and when a certian date hit they sent over what ever they could based upon the money that was donated. We trust you guys to pick out and send some great smokes, so all we need is a place to send the dough and a time frame to do it in.