CT Supreme Court Sides Rules Against Smokers

Dec 14, 2006
The Supreme Court of CT ruled against restaurant and bar owners today. The R & B owners filed a suit saying that since the Casinos and private clubs could continue to allow smoking, they were being unfairly discriminated against. The Court did not care that their businesses had seen 20-50% declines in the 3 years since the Ban was enacted and ruled with the state on the Ban. An ecstatic Richard Blumenthal, Attorney General, said that this ruling should lead to the ban being extended to the Casinos and Private Clubs. A legislator said today on a Talk Show that he will propose the ban being extended to the casinos and private clubs. This will result in the private clubs(Elks, Am Legion, VFW etc) probably losing membership and slowly dying. As a member of all 3, I can see it coming. WE NEED to Fight Back. I implore all of you reading this to contact your state reps and state senators. They do respond to letters, e-mails and phone calls. We must tell them we've had enough !!

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