Davidoff cigars?

Dec 14, 2006
Anyone tried either the Anniversario or the 100th anniversary? A shop I go to now & then is having a 20% off sale on these 2 Davidoff's until 9/30. Still a bit pricey, but I was thinking of getting the Robusto in the 100th Ann and the #3 in the Anniv. Brothers, any knowledge of these cigars? Thanks
Nov 4, 2005
Princeton NJ
I had one of the Davidoff Anniversario series a few years back and in my opinion it was no where near worth the $24 price.
Mar 19, 2006
Hudson, NH
What a coincidence. A customer at work handed me a Davidoff tonight to try out, but I have no idea what kind. The label doesn't say anything other than Davidoff.
Jun 30, 2006
Chester, NJ
Interesting thread only because I was given two Davidoff cigars this past week...thursday I believe. They seemed to be of the churchill size....didn't do any research yet so I don't even know if they have a churchill size, they are just similar to that generic size and shape. They seemed a bit soft and the wrapper wasn't that great looking, but I threw them in the Humi figuring why not. I didn't realise that it was possibly 40 worth of cigars that someone just gave me...although judging by reactions here...I'm not really looking forward all that much to smoking them.
Jan 11, 2006
Saint Louis, MO
They're good, just not $20 good. If I weren't a full time student I'd buy one occasionally if they were around $10. In terms of how much I like them, I'd put them about on a par with an Avo, Don Carlos, Monty White, or Ashton ESG (another one I don't like for the $... VSG is better IMO).
I say try one anyway if you're not hurting for $. I always feel like its worth a few bucks more to try something I haven't had before.
Feb 16, 2006
West Hartford, CT
i have a box of the robusto 100th anni's, i've only smoked two and am letting the rest sleep a bit, but i think they are great with great potential, i havent tried the diadema size yet though, but the 100th anni's and the mileniums are favs of mine

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