Did you sign a restrictive contract for Opus and other cigars from suppliers?

Oct 2012
Do you have to sign a restrictive contract to get Opus and a few other cigars from suppliers ?
Feb 2004
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I DO ON SOME BRANDS but I DONT HAVE OPUS SO I DONT KNOW ABOUT THEM .. I wish I had them & l Liga #9 , But if I did get them I might not be able to sell them as we are a small shop, BIG Inventory & not a wealthy customer base , I did venture out and brought in some High end Cohibia Commadors , , & when the cigars get to that $20.00, they get looked at , touched & sniffed , but not bought . tooooo rich for me is the complaint, until I smoked one then the complaint was , dammm its a $20.00 Dog Rocket , hahahaha , I ended up GIVING them away in a gift pack for a charity raffle .