Favorite big gauge smokes

Oct 26, 2014
Seal Beach, CA
Hey everyone, so being new both to cigars and this forum, I'm putting a feeler out there to try and drum up a "to smoke" list.
Rather than search through all the various threads where people mention their favorites here and there, I wanted to ask what some good sticks are for the big ring guys.
I know there are quality smaller smokes out there, but the ones that catch my eye first are the big ring, short(er) length sticks like nubs (which are the extreme in the category as near as I can tell) and the larger robustos.
I've seen a handful of 5" or so smokes in gauges like 55, 58, 60 and 62, and those are the ones I seem to enjoy most.
They seem to have a nice easy draw and lots of smoke, and they seem to stay lit better than smaller smokes. With all that said, does anyone have any recommendations?
Oct 14, 2012
I mentioned some on the Helloo from So. Cal. topic but another came to mind and it is a 6x60- Pinar del Rio Reserva Limitada Double Magnum. I have a few of them but haven't smoked one lately. The selection '10 version of this cigar and other sizes of it have been described as sickeningly sweet. I love 'em.

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