Favorite Flavored Cigars

May 2005
Dallas, TX
I've been into cigars fairly for about 6 mos now and am loving life. Was wanting to pink the collective wisdom of the board regarding good flavored cigars. I've been experimenting and found a few that I liked, Kahlua's, Heaven Vanillas, Cuban Honeys (that are pretty hard to find in abundance), and I lit a CAO Moontrance last night.

Any others that are worth looking at?



Nov 2003
Paradise CA
i have found that flavourd cigars are usually low quality tobaco with whatever flavoring they put on them.. just pick them out like you would some candy, thats all you really get out of them anyway.
Oct 2003
I'll jump in here, what the heck...I have already been chastised once for speaking of flavored cigars! I think the CAO line is well made with good quality leaves. How did you like the Moontrance? I have enjoyed all of the CAO flavors, I stick to the larger sizes and they are overpriced and probably too sweet for most people. I have found that many casual cigar smokers like the CAO's. Thanks to a recent trade, I tried a Sauza by Drew Estate, I was very happy with the quality. I have also enjoyed the Oliveros Gold Kelt Cognac. Many of the Flor de Oliva sizes are available with a lightly sweetened tip, but I like them better without it.
Jan 2005
I'm going with Freedom on this one. CAO has some really good stuff. THe Bella Vanilla and Honey are two of my favorites. I"d stay away from Cojimar. Acid by Drew Estateisn't too bad of a line but it's a very different cigar. The Blondie from that line isn't too bad. Natural by Drew Estate is a watered down version of Acid. They have a lot of the same flavor and aroma, just not as strong. I haven't had anything from Kahlua, for some reason that just doesn't sound right to me. If you want to try bringing out sweeter flavors in cigars while you're smoking them, try eating some chocolate while you smoke. Nothing fancy, just like a handful of Hershey's Kisses will do fine. Especially with a good maduro.
Jan 2005
So Cal
Since according to some fella's on this site Fuente Añejo's are considered flavored, I would have to say them. But that's it.