Hand Operated Burr-Grinder?

Oct 2005
San Francisco, California

Looking for a hand operated burr grinder (read: does not used electricity to run) to grind beans for my french press.

Anyone know of a good cheap one in the $40 to $50 range?

Sep 2003
Puerto Rico/NYC
I have a Zassenhaus 151 Box hand grinder that I've been using since November '91. I've ground about 700 pounds of coffee with it during that time. It has a fine adjustment screw, and can grind for anything from Turkish/Espresso to French Press. The French Press is my preferred method, and this grinder has not let me down. It takes me about 1 1/2-2 minutes to grind for the French Press, and about 6-7 to grind for espresso. I would suggest checking out my friend Uncle Beanz, although they will be closing for a month starting tomorrow or Saturday. There is nothing wrong there, but it's a small, family owned business, and current circumstances do not allow for the possibility to keep it open 365 days a year. I would also suggest putting terms like "hand grinders" in to Google searches and see what you come up with. My favorite NYC area roaster is Oren's, and they have a fine web site. You might find what you are looking for with them. Also check out Peet's, roasters of some very fine coffees, and with a long standing, excellent reputation.