Holiday Pass

Jan 16, 2007
Enjoying Life!
OK DL I am going to give this place another shot because you asked nice. If Rob comes o. We can keep the pass that was started today on here. Smokes are on way to Pebble boy and shod be there by Thursday. Again this is a blind box pass. Only post your takes not your putts
Nov 20, 2007
The hills and the hollers
I am going to go ahead and call Dustin out on not equaling out his puts and takes. Its inevitable so might as well bring it up! You going to put in a Gurkha or an Acid to replace that sublime? :)
Jun 27, 2005
F*ing Jersey
Since we are going to talk about potential puts and takes. Connor - if you take a partagas short - is that like a normal guy taking a partagas churchill?
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Jan 16, 2007
Enjoying Life!
I can promise there is not a single Gurkha or Acid in the bunch. There is 1 cigar I threw in just to throw in to see if someone has bad taste, but not as bad as above
Aug 10, 2007
Somewhere down in Texas
Box just arrived. At first glance it looks awesome! I'll go through it later. May not be able to get it out tomorrow.


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