Home Roasting

Aug 14, 2004
Wondering how many people here home roast?
My HCF friend (oedipus1) tuened me on to home roasting many years ago. I have not been roasting since the fire (not roasting related).
I lost my green beans & roaster in the blaze.
But - I have to say there is no finer coffee than that you roast yourself.
Even if you buy the same beans from a roaster you still control the depth of roast as well as how fresh the beans are when you grind them.
Also when you roast - you have access to a quality and variety of beans that goes far beyond what you can fine anywhere.

Roasting beans is very simple - filling a glass cup, putting it into the roaster, putting the lid on & setting the timer to the depth you want.

Now we are talking AMAZING Coffee!
Jan 16, 2007
Enjoying Life!
I have been roasting for a few months. There is nothing like it. I went from a Fresh Roast 8 I got from Barco to the new Behmore 1600. Lots of fun, machine pays for itself, and the coffe is exactly the way you want it everytime!!!
Apr 6, 2006
South Jersey
Hey Craig, that old Fresh Roast available????

And Loren, I'm with Capt here....what blaze? :shock: Whatthehellhappened????????
Feb 13, 2003
Also buy the patience option.

Too often people forget that coffee needs to rest for awhile after roasting. Generally let the beans sit for 24-48 hours to allow outgassing before you grind and brew.
Oct 18, 2005
Lost in translation
I have been roasting for a little more than 1 year and love it. the coffee comes out great; but alas I am the only one in the house that likes it; so we also buy crappy commercial stuff to keep the boss happy.

It is a true pleasure to have something you make come out so good. It is a fun hobby that is not too too expensvie.
Aug 14, 2004
Sorry to not reply sooner - yes I did have a fire here.
It was contained to my smoking room.
Sucks, but was so close to lossing the house I am very Thankful.
I've gutted the room back to bare walls & am going to do a new Hardwood & trim look this spring.
What can I say - no one was hurt & my home is still standing.

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