Jun 21, 2012
san diego, ca.
I live in ca. where it is about 70 degrees year round. I have a 50 count humidor and soaked foam in distilled water for about 30 seconds and put in humidor. It runs it up to about 73 degrees. CAO cigars seem to come maybe a little tight and after a couple of weeks cigars seems to get hard and even start to crack and seems to have some flavor drawn out of cigars. Should I try to get it down to 68-70 and if so how? I am trying now to leave humidor open to lower temp to about 68 then put in 50/50 instead of just distilled water on foam. Let it settle for a couple of days and hope it stays at 70 or lower. What I am afraid of after putting sponge in is that temp will go back up to 73 and if I put cigars in, the same thing will happen (cigars will have flavor sucked out and get hard). I may be backwards but it is almost like it is doing the opposite of what it is suppose to. Any help or suggestions is appreciated!! Cigars on order now and be here in 3-4 days. Mike
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